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Elizabethan Gowns: Oh, yeah. We can do it.

I know you've been looking through those incredible portraits of QEI thinking, "If only there was a place I could buy that dress, I would wear it grocery shopping, to the laundromat; Hell, I would wear it to PTA meetings, if only I knew someone who could make it for me....."

We're in the process of developing this page, so please bear with us while we update with pricing options. In the meantime, if you wish to order one of these gowns, just drop us a line. These gowns make AMAZING wedding / bridal gowns, and we can make them in any color you desire.

We can take ANY historical portrait and recreate the gown in your size, to your specifications. If you don't see what you're looking for, simply email us with a portrait, picture, or sketch. We'd be delighted to work with you to meet all of your clothing needs, no matter what level of historical accuracy you require. If you require the use of different fabrics, just let us know what you'd like, and we'll give you a custom price estimate.

Please click on any image below for more information and pricing.

anne of austria
Anne of Austria

Elizabeth Peace Portrait
Elizabeth's Peace Gown

Elizabeth Sieve Portrait
The Sieve
Elizabeth Ditchley Portrait
The Ditchley Portrait
Elizabeth Rainbow
Elizabeth's Rainbow Gown
Elizabeth coronation gown
Elizabeth's Coronation Gown

mary queen of scots
Mary, Queen of Scots, in black

Mary Darnley
Mary, Queen of Scots, Darnley
Elizabeth Pelican Portrait
The Pelican Portrait
Elizabeth Phoenix Portrait
The Phoenix Portrait
lettice knollys
Lettice Knollys
Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia
Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia
Elizabeth Darnley Portrait
The Elizabeth/Darnley gown

Renaissance Garb from other stations and regions:
Note: Some of our packages are historically accurate, some are not. If you want assistance, just ask.




Portrait of a Woman

Lavinia Fontana

Elizabethan Gown


Portrait of a Woman

Lavinia Fontana
Portrait of a Noblewoman

Lavinia Fontana (Italian, 1552-1614) Portrait of a Noblewoman, ca. 1580. Oil on canvas

This gown requires a mock-up fitting, so please order at least 6 months in advance, if possible. During our slow season, we may be able to meet rush deadlines, but please email us before ordering.

The sleeved doublet bodice will be shipped without the hooks and eyes added. because the fitting must be extremely precise, you will need to have hooks and eyes added while you try the doublet bodice on.

This package comes with several layers that may all be worn together, or worn separately for a different look.

The gown comes with two layers of skirting made from your choice of decorative fabrics. The underskirt comes with a decorative fabric forepart with a drawstring waist. The overskirt has a fitted waistband and is a split-front overskirt.

The under-bodice is made from decorative fabric and is a very fitted doublet bodice design. It comes with attached, fitted sleeves.

The over-bodice features a low neckline, puff-cap sleeves and a dramatically high-necked collar. The waist is adorned with a tabbed peplum. We can add hook and eye closures at the front, or we can add grommets or lacing holes. (your choice)

The "budget" version of this gown comes with no trim, as pictured. However, we also offer a trimmed version at a higher price. We will work with you to find fabrics within a set price range for the prices listed below. We can use more expensive fabrics, but the price difference will need to be charged if the fabrics exceed the allotted per-yard budget.

This ensemble does not come with an Elizabethan shirt, but wearing one with this ensemble is recommended and they are available here.

This gown does not include the farthingale, but you may purchase one here.


Untrimmed Fontana Gown:



Trimmed Fontana gown (comes with contrasting piping at edges of overskirt and edges of short-sleeved overbodice; ribbon-trimmed fitted sleeves; trimmed peplum)