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Elizabethan Wisks, Rebatos,
Underproppers & Supportasses

We can take any historical portrait and reproduce a customized Elizabethan whisk, rebato, underpropper or supportasse for you. We work with historical reenactors and theatrical companies to provide only the highest quality accessories for your Elizabethan needs.

Our wisks are constructed with sturdy millinery wire, bound at cross-points with wire thread. Wisks are covered with your choice of sheer crystal organza in any color or with sheer silk, if you require a period correct whisk. The edges are hand-bound and covered with starched Venise lace. We can add pearls, beads or any other type of embellishment you may need.

Our rebatos are made the same way out whisks are made and are hand-shaped with copper wire, bound at cross-points with wire thread, covered with silk and starched lace.

Our underproppers and supportasses are not as decorative, since they aren't as visible as whisks and rebatos. They are padded and stiffened with sturdy buckram slats, designed to hold your large ruffs in place.



Wired Elizabethan Whisks / Wisks

Pictures of Wisks:

elizabeth whisk

elizabethan whisk

queen whisk


Elizabethan wisks are frequently seen in portraits of Queen Elizabeth I and consist of a wired frame covered with sheer fabric. The wisk frame typically appears to surround her shoulders and sometimes her head in an almost-haloed effect.

We construct our wisks out of millinery wire, shaped and strengthened by crossing wires and binding them in place with thin wire thread. This is an extremely time-consuming process, done entirely by hand and takes roughly 25 hours to make the most simple version.

Basic versions come with wired frame, sheer fabric covering and starched-lace trim at the edges.

We can build, for an extra fee, a custom pocket with a Velcro strap that fastens around the waist for your whisk to keep the wires tucked in your bodice safely. Your bodice should fit snugly over the wisk to help hold it in place. Depending on the weight of your whisk and the fit of your specific bodice, you may need to add additional reinforcements to hold the whisk in place. We recommend that you send us your bodice if you choose this option so we can build it to fit your bodice.

Beading, veils and biliments may be added for an additional cost.

Basic Wired Wisks start at $300. Beading and more elaborate trims may be added for an additional charge. Please contact us for a price estimate.

NOTE: Shipping for this item is separate from other items you may purchase, since it must be shipped in its own, oversized package. You will be billed for actual shipping costs when the package is ready to ship.

Our Hand-Made Whisks:


Elizabethan wisk
This is what the framework of our wisks looks like without the organza covering.

Elizabeth wisk
Here is what the wisk looks like with simple lace and organza, tipped with large glass pearls at the end of each wire. This is a very labor-intesive process that takes a significant amount of time to construct.

Basic Elizabethan Wired Wisk, covered with sheer organza, trimmed with lace (lace design will be smaller than above pictured lace), no beading (we can add pearls for an additional fee, depending on the amount of pearls you require)- $300:




elizabethan neck ruff

standing neck ruff

Supportasse: This is a stiffened supportasse, with a padded collar that ties inside your bodice at the back. We added stitched lacing holes to the front and back of the supportasse for you to use to attach to tabs you will need to sew inside your gown. Ideally, in order for us to make these to fit your garment perfectly, you should plan to ship your bodice to us, and allow us to customize the supportasse to your bodice. If you don't have a bodice, you may purchase one from us and we can make both the supportasse and the bodice for you.

Supportasse - $150


standing ruff



Wired Elizabethan Rebatos





Rebatos: Our Rebatos are made much like our wired whisks, but on a much smaller scale. They may be worn on their own as a decorative accessory, or may be worn under a ruff. Even basic rebatos are time-consuming to make, because each cross-point is bound by wire thread, a process done entirely by hand.


A basic rebato, comes with a basic cross-bound (non-ornamental) frame, covered with silk or sheer organza and edged with Venise lace. Cost for a basic rebato is $250.

We also offer customized rebatos with decorative wire work. If you would like an estimate for this type of rebato, please fill out the custom estimate request form at the left and submit it with a portrait or sketch of what you would like us to make for you.