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Question: What's the difference between typical Renaissance faire clothing and historically accurate Renaissance clothing?

Answer: Quite a lot! We're so used to seeing the typical "wench" attire at faire (and that' perfectly ok) But it's hard to know what is and isn't historically accurate without doing research. That's where we come in! We've done the research and we can clothe the most historically accurate personas AND the naughtiest wenches too! It all boils down to what YOUR tastes are, and how YOU want to dress!

Ask yourself -

Q: Is it more important to you to dress in attire that was actually worn back in the Renaissance, or would you rather dress in something a little more sexy, or something with a bit of a fantasy flare to it?

A: If you want to dress in something historically accurate, we can ABSOLUTELY work with you to create a perfect ensemble. We have hundreds of research books and have made hundreds of historically accurate garments for our customers. If your tastes dictate that you simply look gorgeous, and you don't really care about historical accuracy, let us know! We've got a HUGE selection of typical "faire" garments on our site.

Q: Do you prefer clothing that is less expensive or do you prefer clothing made with historically accurate materials?

A: Historically accurate materials are going to be linen, silk, wool - fabrics that were easily available before the cotton gin was invented. However, these fabrics are generally more expensive than cotton, so a lot of people prefer to use cotton for faire garb. We're happy to use whatever you want us to use!

Q: Will you wear this outfit for a few faire events each year, or do you plan to become involved with your local SCA and attend other reenactment events too?

A: If you attend one or two faires a year, you may not want to invest a lot of money in historically accurate faire attire, and you may find that a simple Irish overdress ensemble is enough for your needs. However, if you plan to become (or already are) more actively involved in your local SCA, living history, or other historical reenactment events, we can guarantee that historical accuracy will become (if it's not already) extremely important to you. The more involved you become, the more you will crave period correct clothing, and the higher your level of accuracy will become. It would be smarter to invest in a historically accurate kit now, than to buy garb that you will never wear once your level of accuracy improves.

Q: What is your level of knowlege of historically accurate clothing? Do you already know what you want, but are unsure if it is historically accurate? Do you know what you want, but are not concerned with historical accuracy? Do you know what you want, completely understand historical accuracy and are ready for an estimate or to order?

A: If you want more information about ANY garment on our website, whether you need to know if it is historically accurate or not, JUST ASK US!!!! We would be SO DELIGHTED to help you pick a level of accuracy that's perfect for your needs. Just tell us what you require, and we'll walk you through every step of the way!