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We offer no-obligation, free custom estimates. If you don't see what you're looking for in our catalog, simply send us an email with a link to an image of the garment you would like us to make for you and we will be happy to work up a price for you.

Below you will find links to our most favorite fabric vendors who offer a huge variety of fabrics available for your court gowns, bodices, skirts and men's clothing too. YOur website prices allow you a budget of of up to $10 per yard for fabrics. If you select a fabric that is more than $10per yard, let us know and we will be happy to invoice you the per-yard difference for the fabric upgrade. If you have questions about this,please email us for more information.


We do not sell fabrics to the general public. We use these fabrics only for customers who are purchasing finished clothing from us. These are their fabric options.

Custom-dyed Dupioni Silks and custom-dyed silk velvets

We are in the process of changing our dupioni silk supplier due to shipping problems with our previous supplier. We have contacted a custom-dying company who is very interested in working with us to be our new dupioni supplier. Until we have determined specific colors that will be available, we are recommending that customers look at the available colors of dye when selecting color options:

scroll down for colors. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

All silks tend to cost more than the allotted $10 budget, so you may be responsible for an upgrade fee unless noted in a specific package price. If you're not sure, please email and we'll be happy to help.


Decorative Fabrics

Click on the links below and browse through the offerings of our fabric suppliers. Prices on our website and through our custom estimate form are set to allow for a per-yard budget up to $10 per yard for fabrics. If you find something you like that's more than $10/yard, that's perfectly okay - you will just need to cover the price difference over $10/yard for the number of yards required to make your outfit. (most gowns require between 10-15 yards of fabric). If you need help, please feel free to email us with your questions.

If the color is important, be sure to order a swatch. When you submit your order form, be sure to include a direct link to the specific fabric you would like me to order, since many of the fabrics have similar names.

Tips: Select woven, not printed fabrics. Damask, brocade, matellasse, chenille, velvet and jacquard are excellent options for Tudor and Elizabethan gowns. If you need advice, please ask - we're very happy to offer advice.

Click on the links below for more fabric options:

Warehouse fabrics - your budget is up to $10/yard for fabrics. if the cost is more than $10/yard, we'll be happy to invoice you for the price difference.

Fabric Guru - your budget is up to $10/yard for fabrics. if the cost is more than $10/yard, we'll be happy to invoice you for the price difference.

If you're looking for
Faux Suede & Leather, we can get these fabrics in the following colors:
Red, black, blue, brown, white, burgundy
Custom colors may be available - email us for custom requests.