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What's new?

6-15-11 - Elizabethan Gentleman's outfit
6-15-11 - White Queen from Alice in Wonderland
6-15-11 - Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland
6-15-11 - Four new gowns from The Tudors and The Boleyn Girl (be sure to click both links!)
6-15-11 - The Anne of Austria Gown
6-15-11 - The punched leather Hearts and Stars Elizabethan jerkin
6-15-11 - Beefeater's Doublet

6-03-10 - Fontana's 'Portrait of a Noblewoman' gown!

5-01-10 - Adorable Children's Tudor Gowns!

4-25-10 - Elizabethan Wired Whisks! We're really excited about these - they take about 25 hours to make but are SO worth it if you're portraying the Queen.

3-29-10 - All new Elizabethan Neck Ruffs!
3-29-10 - A page for the Society of Creative Anachronism SCA folks!

1-23-10 - The Embroidered Accolade is now online!
1-23-10 - two new Pirates gowns! The Gold Gown and the Plum Gown!

1-22-10 - Heavily-Beaded Elizabethan Wedding gown
1-22-10 - Elizabeth's Blue Gown
1-22-10 - Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter (full costume!)
Coming Soon: Orange Elizabethan - the first of many Eizabethan Portrait Gowns

09-09-09 - A new Princess Elizabeth gown in the Tudor Section
09-09-09 - A new page of exclusively Elizabethan repros. We can't believe we waited this long to add the page, and over the winter we will update the site with protorype pictures. Stay tuned (or be the first to order one of these beauties, allow us to take pictures of it for the site, and receive a 10% discount!)

09-06-09 - We have posted pictures of our version of the Catherine Parr Tudor gown!

08-09-09 - Children's Renaissance packages - designed to grow with your children!
08-09-09 - Whoa! A brand new line of jewelry! Including the Anne Boleyn "B" necklace!
08-09-09 - In a rush? Did you wait until the last minute to order? If so, this page was made just for you.

07-19-09 - Alexandra's Gown

06-04-09 - Queen Guenevere's Maying gown
06-04-09 - the 'Bella' Gown with lace-up sleeves, made of dupioni!

1-31-09 - We have the Effigy Corset!

1-28-09 - an Elizabethan standing ruff and supportasse!

1-9-09 - Happy New Year! We have a new cage crinoline and corded petticoat!

9-01-08 - Ophelia pictures are online!

8-20-08 - A new page featuring our line of Pre-Raphaelite gowns. We're in the process of adding "Ophelia" to the list. Pictures will be online within the week.

8-18-08 - Fairy Tutus and the beginnings of re-offered fairy wings and other fairy accessories!

8-7-08 - Garment bags

A new chemise design!
An exciting new military waist and frock coat set for men and women!
Five new bodice designs: Morocco; Anise; Dante; Odette; Cherise!
A new wench-tastic-hair-do!
REQUESTED AND NEW! Detachable, reversible sleeves for bodices and doublets!
New Bodice closure options! Hate grommets? We've got lacers, lacing rings, eyelets and clasps now!

7-8-08 - You asked for them, we found them! We've added a new artisan to the ranks at VMS, and are so pleased to offer several gorgeous new Medieval Wedding and Ritual Circlets.

6-1-08 - Our Mary I Tudor gown has been completed and pictures have been added to the site.
* The film-accurate "Ever After" gown will be added to the site in a few weeks, as well as a whole line of ready-to-wear clothing for folks who need rushed orders filled! Keep checking back!

3/18/08 - A brand new Husqvarna Viking embroidery machine, capable of adding designs up to 14" x 12" has been added to our shop! Contact us today for a price estimate to create your perfect wedding gown with customized embroidery on it!

7/01/07 - SEVERAL new hat designs for our Elizabethan customers!
7/01/07 - A fabulous new ruffled Elizabethan blouse!
7/01/07 - An ethereal new Bridal Cloak

7/01/07 - Brand new reversible cloak designs: The Cavalier Cloak, and a Hooded Mantle!

7/1/07 - A striking new medieval wedding gown!
7/1/07 - For our Victorian Brides: a new bustled wedding gown!

7/1/07 - Our newest dress design that allows you to mix-n-match for dozens of eras and looks!

5/25/07 - Two brand new original pirate bodice designs to go with the release of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie!

4/5/07 - We've added a whole new batch of fabrics for bodices and gowns to the website. Our supply of brocades was becoming more and more limited, so we decided to seek a new vendor. These new fabrics are much more period correct and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

We also set up a tutorial on how to make your OWN kilt lifting kits! Let's see if we can start a trend with the whole blue ribbon idea!

11/20/06 - We made the gown last winter, but we finally have permission to post pictures of Hermione's Yule Ball Gown, as modeled by the lovely Rachel, and photographed by

11/19/06 - New pictures of a WHITE version of the silk velvet Elven Wedding Gowns

11/05/06 -
A GREEN version of Jane Seymour's Tudor gown! (scroll down just a bit to see the thumbnails)
A new addition to the underskirt devices - a steel boned cage bustle!
Brand new pictures of a better-fitting black and white striped Sleepy Hollow movie repro!
A Princess Elizabeth Tudor Gown!
The plum gown (colors reversed) from Pirates of the Caribbean!

10/15/06 - Elizabethan red linen petticoat for those who demand historical accuracy!

10/09/06 -
New Cotehardie pics!
Tunics in colored linen!
Braes for men!
Chausses for men!

7/30/06 -
Musketeer Tabards
A historically accurate Renaissance peasant ensemble for living history/reenactor folks
A budget Elizabethan doublet, pumpkin pants and men's Elizabethan blouse
Eowyn's green stable dress
An AMAZING formal silk wedding gown

6/21/06 -
Moulin Rouge - Pink Diamonds
The Princess Bride - Buttercup's wedding gown

02/19/06 - We've lowered our cloak prices! Order now for HUGE savings!

02/19/16 - An accurate and very affordable The Accolade

02/14/06 - Happy Valentines Day! New, romantic Regency era gowns and underpinnings!

02/12/06 - A half dozen brand new Civil War era gowns and dresses.

02/04/06 - Handy-Dandy leather frogs, tankard straps and pouches

02/04/06 - Off and running, new sandals, shoes and boots!

01/14/06 - Happy New Year! We've got a new Civil War corset!

01/14/06 - A ton of new Civil War era clothes! All offered in historically accurate materials.

11/29/05 - A spectacular leather Porthos doublet ensemble!

11/03/05 - Finishing Touches, such as blind hems, covered grommets, modesty panels and lacers!

10/15/05 - Linen and wool cotehardies!

10/15/05 - A gorgeous historically accurate German Renaissance gown

10/15/05 - The Elizabethan Chemise and the Eleanor Chemise for our SCA friends

10/15/05 - A 15th Century Men's Shirt and the St. Louis Undertunic for our SCA friends

10/15/05 - Historically accurate women's wool and linen stockings

8/19/05 - New Armor, leather bracers, and Superhero/Cosplay goodies!

8/07/05 - what you've been waiting for, FAIRY WINGS!

8/07/05 - pretty new jewels for the high court ladies!

8/07/05 - We've priced the Hindi Wedding gown from Moulin Rouge

8/07/05 - Men's Wedding Vests to match the bride's gown!

8/07/05 - a new bustle gown, just in time for those planning for a Dickens Christmas!

8/07/05 - Two new LOTR-inspired gowns! - the refugee dress and an all-silk Elven wedding gown!

8/07/05 - a Gabled Hood for our Tudor Ladies!

8/07/05 - four new corset styles!

8/07/05 - Cavalier Collars for Brave Musketeers!

7/17/05 - new shirt designs - and more to come next week!

17/17/05 - The richest, most lavish doublets available anywhere!

7/17/05 - We've got TIGHTS and CODPIECES for the bravest of manly-men!

7/08/05 - Hats like you've never seen! All throughout history, and historically accurate too!

7/08/05 - A bad-ass new Pirate Frock Coat - scroll down the page. It's the black and silver one.

7/01/05 - A new Asian-influence gown - simply divine.

6/18/05 - leather bodices have finally arrived!

6/17/05 - new Medieval gowns and dresses

6/16/05 - oh-so-delicious historical jewelry - adorn yourself for faire!

5/14/15 - another new pirate bodice - the Rochefort!

5/14/05 - Historically accurate women's Civil War clothing section has opened for business!

4/23/05 - Historical clothing patterns!

4/21/05 - An historical wedding bouquet department - under development

4/15/05 - We added the Peplum Bodice to our lineup of available bodices

3/21/05 - All new updated men's section! We'll expand this department over the year!

2/15/05 - New Frock Coats, Jabot and cuff sets and Waistcoats for men and women!

12/16/04 - A gorgeous reproduction gown from a Waterhouse Medieval painting.

10/18/04 - The Titanic's Swim/Sash dress and The Pink Diamonds corset from Moulin Rouge!

09/22/04 - A new Victorian Maid historical reproduction ensemble

09/22/04 - Pictures of customer and friend Allison Smith's Rococo pannier gown!

03/31/04 - Our newest bodice: The Frock Coat Bodice, designed for those "Pirate" lasses!

01/11/04 - Three new Lord of the Rings-inspired gowns!

12/21/03 - We've added our own exclusive line of mix and match formal wear gowns - perfect for PROM and BRIDESMAID attire!

12/14/03 - More antique restored gowns! A new favorite silk Edwardian!

12/02/03 - Two gowns in our ready-to-wear section at phenomenally reduced prices!

12/01/03 - We've updated our antique restored gowns page with more pictures!

11/25/03 - New Tudor wedding gown and new Medieval Beaded Gown pictures!

11/25/03 - We're starting to update our antique restored gowns page!

11/06/03 - YUM! Two new Tudor Historical Reproductions Mary and Henry - magnificent!

11/01/03 - Halloween is OVER! we're back to our normal schedule!

18/22/03 - The Yuna Anime costume! Heavily embroidered.

8/18/03 - a brand new look with an easy-to-understand catalog! Give us your feeedback!

6/12/03 - a new page featuring the Very Merry Seamstress in the news! Click here for info!

6/12/03 - a new way to win free clothing! Click here for details!

5/29/03 - a brand new Scottish Budget Gown! Click here to see!

5/15/03 - The Stitch - my online journal. Keep tabs on gown progress, find out what I do during "off" time and take a fun, voyeuristic peek into my world! Updated as often as I think of it!

5/9/03 - new partlets and a new Ever After gown!

5/01/03 - Wizard of Oz, Wicked Witch!

4/25/03 - Titanic kimono and Titanic Elevator Dress

4/23/03 - A new 20s era gown and Satine's red ball gown and "Black Diamonds" from Moulin Rouge!

4/15/03 - maternity bodices!

4/13/03 - A new, extremely accurate historical Reproduction Gown - the Lady Jane Grey

4/10/03 - The Titanic Boarding Dress pictures are up! A new Civil War gown -

3/17/03 - new wedding, Marie Antoinette style and Civil War ballgowns!

2/8/03 - The 'Ever After' gown pictures are finally up. Se them on our wedding, prom and movie costume pages!

1/29/03 - we've added more to our Prom, Wedding and corset sections!

1/09/03 - A huge selection of embroidery designs was added to our embroidery library.