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Would you like to be heard? Mail it in...

If you would like references, just let us know. We'll be happy to put you in touch with past customers.


From customer Lori, this delightful email:

Emily and I were hanging up her Gowns and talking about
how much fun she and Dunavan were having with them.
They had choosen play names Dunavan was Laura and Emily
was Delilah. They danced and pretended all sorts of act out.
But a part of the conversation included you!

Conversation as follows;
Emily "Will Heather be around when I'm grown-up"?
Me 'Yes"!
Emily "Good I will need her to make an outfits for my kids".
Me "I'm sure she can do it".
Emily "Does she make cat gowns too"?
Me "I think she can"
Emily "Good'
Me "Why"
Emily "Sally (her cat) would look nice dressed up too!
Me "Do you think Sally would like to dress up"?
Emily "Sure she want to be nice looking too"!

from customer Panadda:
Truly wonderful and Talented! Thank you Heather for everything!
W/O A Doubt, the BEST Seller! INCREDIBLE! Can't sing enough PRAISES!

from customer Anthony:
Dear Heather,

I spoke to my daughter yesterday after returning from a wonderful holiday in
France and she told me that the dress arrived safely and the head-dress had
also arrived that morning. She tells me it is absolutely gorgeous and she
loved the colours. She was raving about the decoration around the neckline.
We have arranged to go and collect the dress from her next Saturday and I am
so looking forward to seeing it. If my daughter is that impressed I know it
has to be something very special! She is also the best judge of what her
mother will like

from customer Deborah:

Hi, Heather, I received the bodice and gauntlets last Mon and it is a
perfect fit! I love the fabrics, too . I have been recommending you to all
the RenFaire people I know. I also greatly appreciate the drawstring
storage bag and the pomander. You definitely provide value for the dollar.

from customer Karynya:

Yay!! My costume is wonderful!!!!! The bodice fits perfectly!!!

You sneak! I was so surprised to get my order so quickly!!

I can't wait to work with you again! You are a treasure.

Lots of warmth,

from customer Susan:

Dear Heather, both of the gowns are beautiful and fit perfectly. I absolutely love them. I have missed seeing your dresses this past week. After the last auction ended, you didn't list anything new. I hope you are well and taking a much needed rest and vacation, and I hope to see your dresses on e bay soon. Also thanks for the advice on the hoop skirt; I purchased one to go with the green Faire Merchant gown. It really looks great! As soon as I got my parcel form the post office this, morning I came home and played dress up. Our local Renaissance Faire is the next two weekends. Thanks again so much, You will hear from me again soon...I have more ideas on things that you make...Susan
thanks also for the beautiful little purse and sachet.

Some random emails from complimentary shoppers, thank you for your kind words!

from visitor Andee:

Hi Heather,
I decided to spend the morning looking up costume web-sites from the "On the Net" section in Renaissance magazine. I looked at a lot of sites--but, WOW--yours was by far the most comprehesive, easy to navigate, with clear and beautiful photos, and nothing about the costumes were run of the mill--they were truly gorgeous and inspired--I drooled over them!! How's that for a a very run-on sentence? I wish I had known about you 3 years ago when I got married! If I ever need to duplicate a gown from a Pre-Raphaelite painting again , you are the one for the job!
Best wishes,

from visitor Jane:

Hi... Well I logged on to your website today, and I was very impressed!
Like, Oohs and Ahhs, Wows and Gawd Blimey thats Gorgeous.. Very nice work!!!
Oh by the way the 'Jane Seymour ' Gown is absolutely
gorgeous!! VERY NICE.. That was a deinite WOW
Take Care