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Antique Clothing in our collection

We have an extensive collection of antique garments that we use for study to make our historically accurate attire. We don't always have time to update this page with new pieces, but feel free to look around.

Vintage Dress

This is a wonderful two piece dress in striped cotton comes with a straw hat.
For sale! $250


Edwardian Tea Dress

Made from crisp white linen and neatly trimmed with lace in a fabulous asymmetrical design, this dress looks like it stepped right off the Titanic. Brides, these gowns are wonderful for wedding gowns, and we have several in our collection. We can reproduce any of these gowns in your size.

For sale: $150

1910-20s soutache braid navy wool coat

This wool coat is very elaborately embellished with miles and miles of soutache cording and an asymmetrical side button closure.

For sale: $200

Edwardian evening gown in pink/white silk and metallic gold lace



The gown must have been positively breathtaking when it was first made, but is now suffering with age. All of the silk is shattered. The trims, however, are in decent condition. Someone with a bit of time could restore this garment to its original beauty by replacing the silk.


Black faille Edwardian child's dress

For sale: $100

Gown in teal silk and chiffon c. 1919

All of the silk has shattered on this fabulous dress, but the buttons are divine, and the dress itself offers a perfect Edwardian pattern.

For sale: $50

1939 ivory satin bridal gown with accessories

Pictures taken without flash

Pictures taken with flash

It's delicious, glamorous and the original veil and original slip come with it.
The dress is *almost* as pretty as the bride - isn't she absolutely stunning?
See the pictures from the wedding day - 1939

A few buttons need to be replaced, some minor sewing repairs are needed, and the veil's netting will need to be replaced, but overall, the gown is almost as lovely as it was decades ago, and is completely wearable.

For sale: $400

white cotton corset cover

Tiny little pleats, an adorable little peplum at the back - this corset cover is in mint condition with absolutely no signs of wear.

For sale: $50

Pink Edwardian tea dress

I believe that this gown has been dyed pink and that the original color was probably white. It is in need of a bit of TLC to repair the front - which has been split from top to bottom. However, the fine details are exquisite - lots of lace insertion and embroidery.

For sale: $200

Edwardian gown with blue and white embroidery

I wanted to use this dress as my own wedding gown, but I wound up wearing a bright red 1950s prom dress! I have never seen such beautiful embroidery on an Edwardian gown - pale baby blue and crisp white floral designs, fluttery sleeves, tons of cutwork - just sooooo dainty! Definitely my favorite! This is a tiny, tiny dress - roughly a ladies size 1.


Purple crepe, beautifully beaded dress

Hot, hot, hot. Beading at the neckline to place all eyes on your lovely visage as you enter the room - lots of sparkly glitter to accent your "starlet wiggle" as you leave the room. The beadwork sparkles on this form-fitting, sexy purple number. It has a side zipper, and lots of "cling" to show off all your fabulous curves. Definitely a show-stopper for those Hollywood nights.

For sale: $75

silk taffeta and velvet dress, damaged and fragile

This is such a delightful dress, although it does have damage (See last image) and the fabric is rather brittle.

For sale: $75

silk velvet sailor dress

This is a fabulous silk velvet sailor dress. It's a two-piece number with an underdress with a silk bodice, dropped waist pleated silk velvet pinstriped skirt, and a separate silk velvet pinstriped blouse with ivory silk trim at the collar and cuffs. We're going to replace the bodice of the underdress as the silk is weak, and has a large stain across the front. But other than that, the dress is in fabulous condition!

For sale: $75

Victorian trained net gown

A favorite, by far. This beauty needs a lot of work, but we've got yards and yards of black netting and can offer it to you with the purchase of this dress. As you can see, the damage is extensive, but the repairs will be well worth it to see this fine garment restored to its original beauty. The taffeta and netting have shattered, but the rest of the gown - including all those elegant ribbon details and bodice tassels - are in fabulous condition - see the image of the inside lining of the bodice with original boning!

For sale: $150