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We offer no-obligation, free custom estimates. If you don't see what you're looking for in our catalog, simply send us an email with a link to an image of the garment you would like us to make for you and we will be happy to work up a price for you.

Elizabethan Renaissance Neck Ruffs,
Wrist cuffs & collars

renaissance ruffsvelvet ruffblue silk ruff


We offer the widest array of Elizabethan Neck and Wrist Ruffs, Elizabethan collars, Suits of ruffs, Renaissance ruffs, Elizabethan ruffs, Renaissance Neck Ruffs, Elizabethan Standing ruffs, Elizabethan collars, historical collars and theatrical ruffs anywhere in the world.

If you don't see what you're looking for, simply send us a photo of what you're looking for and we will be happy to work up a no-obligation price estimate for you. We offer customized theatrical ruffs and cuffs in a never-ending range of colors, widths, heights, fabrics and trims for every occasion from Shakespeare theatrical events and equestrienne events to Mardi Gras and Renaissance Festivals.

Please email us for an estimate if you would like us to design and create a customized theatrical ruff for you, or choose from the options below.



Theatrical (Budget) Wired Ribbon Ruffs

These are our most affordable ruff options, and while they are not historically accurate, they are durable, easy to wear and can be finger-pressed into shape because they are made from wired ribbon. We have a wide array of colors and widths to choose from. These ruffs are designed specifically for our stage and theatrical performers, as well as our Cosplay clients - but we'll make them for anyone who would like one! We can add lace to your wired ribbon ruff for an additional charge. Please contact us for more details.


blue silk ruffelizabethan ruff

4" wired satin ruffs are available in white, red or ivory. Sometimes we have more colors in stock, so please check with us if you need another color.

2.5" wired satin ruffs are available in white, gold, black, red, wine, fuschia, pink, brown, yellow, ivory, emerald, royal blue, purple or silver.

1.5" ruffs are available in white, gold, black, red, wine, fuschia, pink, orange, brown, yellow, ivory, emerald, royal blue, lime, turquoise, lavender, purple or silver.


neck ruff border

candy ruff

2.5" wired diagonal stripe ruffs are available in black and white, shocking pink and white, lime and white and turquoise and white



neck ruff border
renaissance ruffs

4" wired metallic diagonal criss-cross ruffs are available in black, light gold, dark gold and bright blue.



neck ruff border

Designed specifically for dance and performance clients, these mirroed ruffs really sparkle on stage.
They're made from 2.5" wired mirror plates ruffs are available in red, gold, emerald, royal, turquiose, lavender and silver.

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2.5" Organza and Lace Neck Ruffs and Wrist Cuffs
organza metallic lace ruff

half inch lace lace

2.5" wired organza Ruff Lace Options.
This is the measurement as it extends outward from the body.
Ruffs are made to the client's neck and wrist measurements.
Constructed of wired organza and Venise lace. No need for starching.
Lace is available in black, white, gold or silver
Lace is available in 1/2" lace or 1.5" lace

2.5" Organza Neck Ruff with black or white lace $75


Organza Wrist Cuffs with black or white lace $60


2.5" Organza Neck Ruff with metallic silver or gold lace $90


Organza Wrist Cuffs with metallic silver or gold lace $65


neck ruff border

Pictures of some of our custom ruffs:

elizabethan ruff
candy ruff
silk ruff
renaissance ruffs
blue silk ruff Elizabethan ruffs velvet ruff


neck ruff border

Customized extra-wide lace ruffs

Children's Elizabethan Neck Ruffs supportassemichael keaton

Made from extra-wide lace, to your width specifications.
Price based on width and cost of lace fabric. Custom orders only. Email for a price estimate.
Lace is available in basic colors.
These ruffs may need the support of an underpropper, depending on the stiffness of the lace we use and the width of the ruff.

May be starched if desired, or, for an additional fee, we can add stiff horsehair braid.
Lace colors and width will vary, depending on availability. Please email us for available widths and colors before ordering.

Priced by size and lace availability. Email for an estimate.

elizabethan whisksupportasse If you are looking for ruff accessories as pictured to the left,
such as underproppers, supportasses, Elizabethan whisks and rebatos, please visit
this page.