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The Epistolary (Letter) Project

What began as an entertaining hobby for me, has become a serious effort to re-connect families to letters written by their ancestors. I collect letters to other people. Most of them are fairly old and I buy them from antique shops and from sellers on eBay. On this page I will list names contained within my collection of "heirloom" letters, in the hopes that someday one of the descendants will find me, possibly through an internet search or word of mouth, and I can return the letters to the rightful owners.

If you would like to return your letter collections to the descendants of the authors, email me and I will post letter details (names, dates), along with your contact information.

This journal entry has prompted me organize a group of people who wish to preserve the art of letter writing, and be paired with other like-minded individuals and communicated via written and mailed letter. Make an effort to write letters to friends and relatives and preserve these letters to pass on to future generations.

Names from my collection

If you recognize any of these names, please email me.

Hugh Rhodes, SC

Elsa Siegert, 1920-1945, MD
John H. Beatty, c. 1929, PA
Annie B. Castor, c. 1885, NE
James E. Emerson, c. 1887, NY
Hon. L. W. Emerson, c. 1891, NY
John W. Andrus, c. 1899, VT
T. Rocoe Hall, c. 1939, KY
Cadet C. A. Pylant, c. 1942
Mrs. Harold M. Mayo, c. 1946, FL
Sgt. Sam B. Mayo, c. 1946
Oscar Siegert, 1920-1945, MD
Iola Siegert, 1920-1945, MD