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Women's Full Catalog: Scroll down all the way to the bottom - there's lots to see here!
Bodices - all boned and a grommet every inch at the lacings. Made to your measurements, most are reversible. Available in a huge array of colors, styles and fabrics - Including MATERINITY bodices
Pirates - For our Saucy, Sassy Pirate Wench friends! We offer a range of fantasy priate attire as well as historically accurate goods. If you don't see what you're looking for, ask!
Bracers & Sleeves - Wrist bracers and detachable sleeves to perfectly complement your bodices and doublets. Reversible, too! We also make sleeves for wedding gowns!
Ren Faire Attire, By Price - Renaissance attire is our most popular style, we've completed a listing of our Packages, categorized by Price and Style.
Dresses, all styles, all eras - A complete listing of our entire line of gowns and dresses, categorized by style/era.
Wedding Gowns
Modern Wedding Gowns - These are the gowns that don't fall into any historical categories. If you don't see what you're looking for, email us with a request!
Frock Bodice and Corset Bodice
Frock Coats - They're not just for men, you know.
Viking Apron Dress
Society for Creative Anachronism / SCA attire - a full line of period correct undergarments and outerwear for men, women and children who reenact history in the SCA
Rochefort Bodice
Pants - For those who prefer to climb trees, rather than keep their feet on the ground.
Undergarments - Everything from Farthingales and Bustles to Elizabethan Ruffs. If you don't see it, you're not looking hard enough (or you can email us and ask us to make it for you.)
Partlets - Elizabethan blouses, available in several design styles: historically accurate, or not.
Morocco Bodice
Belly Dance and Gypsy Attire - Swirling skirts, cropped chemises and bodices, halters, coin belts and hip bodices all in one place, just for you.
Shirts - Women can wear them too. Offered in cottons, linens, satins and silks!
Skirts - If you get sick of wearing them as skirts, use them for parachutes. We're the makers of the famous delightfully full, four-yard skirt!